Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby & Mommy

Clear off barang2..just cuci mata dulu...if berminat,boleh email me for details...prefer COD ~ area cheras,tesco extra,leisure mall,hukm,bdr tun razak..pos pon boleh should be ok la...my email : shy_za19@yahoo.com atau boleh tinggalkan komen kat bwh skali pada post ni :)

Breastpump Spectra 3

SOLD - Maisarah

Item(s): Spectra 3 Electric Breast Pump
Price: RM-
Item(s) conditions: 9/10 ~almost new
Reason for sale: guna kurg dr 10 kali,then warded,bile discharge dr hospital,susu dh kurang..

MY DEAR Mosquito Net

Item(s): My Dear Baby's Mosquito Net
Price: RM10
Item(s) conditions: NEW
Reason for sale: Rumah takde nyamuk,so,tak pernah guna.Lagipon babycot dh ade kelambu :)

Cloth Diapers

SOLD - Juma

Item(s): 3 Babyland Cloth diapers and 1 GH Cloth diaper
Price: Babyland-RM25 per pcs , GH-RM25per pcs , take all- RM90
Item(s) conditions: NEW
Reason for sale: Tiada keyakinan untuk meneruskan perjuangan

Simple Dimple Baby Cooler Diaper bag

SOLD - Kak Ina

Retail Price: RM 29.90
Price : Now I'm selling at RM18.
Item(s) conditions: NEW
100% Cotton with PVC Laminated.
Fully insulated. Internal silver heat insulation & mesh pocket.
Short slip pocket at the front.
Stong & durable body structure.
Size : 23 (L) x 13.5 (W) x 19 (H) cm

Techni Ice

SOLD - Juma

Retail Price: RM 30
Price : Now I'm selling at RM20.
Item(s) conditions: NEW
•Long-lasting superior ice/heat pack, non-toxic, non-soggy
•Lightweight, flexible cut-to-size, reusable
•Especially useful for working/travelling breastfeeding moms

The First Years: Breastflow BPA-Free Bottles

Item(s):two 9 oz Breastflow bottles with Stage 2 flow nipples (medium flow nipple)
Retail Price: RM 24.90 per bottle
Price : Now I'm selling at RM20 per bottle.
Item(s) conditions: NEW
Bisphenol (BPA)-free
Double-nipple system requires both suction and compression
Baby controls the flow of milk
Ideal for nursing moms who would like to introduce the bottle

Baby bottle/food warmer

SOLD - Siti Samsudin

Item(s):Care Universal Baby Bottle / Food Warmer
Retail Price: Not remember
Price : Now I'm selling at RM 30
Item(s) conditions: 8/10 (USED but still in good condition)
•AC mains operated
•Fit most type of baby bottles. (such as typical, wide neck and ansa bottles)
•Warm milk and baby food in minutes
•Auto voltage operation AC100V to AC240V
•Large and bright power indicator
•Adjustable temperature for milk and food

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